A visit from Pondering Pool and some good on-site proofing to boot

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Today we had a visit from Bill and Susan from ponderingpool.com. Susan is an artist based in Tucson who works in both painting and sculpting, and knows a whole lot more about color theory than I do. Susan’s work is sold as posters, greeting cards, and a bunch of other things, but today she is visiting for a press proof for a run of cards.

Bill and Susan were referred to us about four years ago after going through several printers and not being happy with the level of service they were getting. Susan’s art requires very tight color control, and she is very discerning about how the color casts the mood for the piece. Her illustrations often feature muted background tones with bold foreground colors, and building the colors to achieve one without ruining the other is hairy work. ip address websites . Over the first few runs we developed a custom process for proofing in advance that allowed Susan to create several versions to be profiled against our press, dramatically lowering the difficulty of the on-press proof by narrowing down the variables ahead of time.

We always look forward to a visit from Bill and Susan, as they spend a couple of hours with us not only proofing, but also catching up on life events. Bill and I both play guitar and we swap notes and stories, we talk about books and movies and generally have a good time. It’s great to be able to provide good work while also enjoying a good relationship. On the professional side, it’s also good to know that if we can make color work for Susan, we can do it for anyone.

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