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ACU Viewbook

We’ve just finished up a new piece for Arizona Christian University that will help to complete their enrollment materials. ACU has been undergoing a transition from its former identity as Southwestern College, and has been working to showcase its growth in both size and educational scope.

ACU Viewbook
Come on, tell me you don’t already want to school here.

We got involved at the beginning of this process about two years ago, producing new materials for the 2011 enrollment season as well, but this year’s projects are considerably more matured. The message is more focused, the visuals have greater intrigue, and the breadth of the school’s offering is on display in a more factual, less abstract fashion than ever before. To be clear, I’m proud of the work on both years, and they both represent major steps forward for ACU. But this year’s work really takes it a step farther with more unique branding elements and better use of the new information that was barely available last year. It’s a true evolution into a superior product.


ACU Road Piece

The road piece is the first thing an interested student sees.


ACU Enrollment Materials
Follow-up pieces are all coordinated to ensure uniform impression.

I really like these projects where there is a high level of cooperation with the customer with whom we become more of a partner. Rather than just getting specs and finding out how many copies they needed, we got involved in what outcomes they hoped to achieve and how best to do that. By providing objectivity, we’ve been able to help customers like ACU get outside of their own perspective on what they offer and see their own organization from the outside. This dramatically affects how projects turn out, and results have been very positive.


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