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Dropping of the Pocket Folders at Mosharrafe

As one might imagine, graphics work with plastic surgeons has the potential to be simultaneously hilarious and stressful, largely due to not knowing which subjects are hilarious. However, the team at Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery are serious and fun about all the right things. When the two brothers, Ali and Tamir, chose to merge their practices and open their own on-site operating room, they aimed high and came out with a great facility. . link checker In a single location, they are providing basic skin care (peels, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, etc) all the way up to complex reconstructive surgery. Raising the bar this way called for a re-brand, some advertising, and a general upgrade to the whole appearance.

Recently I delivered the final piece of the puzzle to Elizabeth, the patient information folder that each new patient receives as a part of their consultation:

Dropping of the Pocket Folders at Mosharrafe
Pictured here: Elizabeth, totally thrilled to be in this photo with me.

The Mosharrafas make a big deal about “The Moshsarrafa Experience”, which is a term for the high level of service and relationship the comes with their practice. While it’s obviously a smaller part of the whole “getting surgery” part of the experience, this kind of visual consistency really helps them reinforce the attention to detail and pride in their work that that the Mosharrafas are known for.

Mosharrafa Pocket Folder on the Counter
This thing basically melts into the scenery. Holding it in your hands is like being there.

We’ve made several other pieces for MPS, including the updated branding, stationery, service menus, and ads, but this one really ties together a visual representation of The Mosharrafa Experience.

Mosharrafa Pocket Folder Open
In fact, you can read about The Mosharrafa Experience right here in the folder. You know you want to.

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