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When most of my ongoing work with clients involves brand preservation and visual consistency, it’s refreshing to have a relationship where I get to go a new direction nearly every time.

I just finished a new poster project for Christ’s Church of Flagstaff, something that we do about six times a year, depending on the length of their series. While there is always a central poster graphic for their teaching series, we also provide support in the form of bulletin covers, touch cards, mailings, and campus signage. Depending on the needs, we also provide graphics for web and social marketing, all of which coordinate with the mini-brand for that particular series (but I don’t always do the web versions, so don’t hold me completely responsible for what you might see there).

All In Poster for Christ's Church of Flagstaff
I can’t decide if this one makes me want to play poker or have a beer.

CCOF is a unique combination where we have the long-standing relationship that provides the trust needed to let me work new designs with a minimum of interference, but the frequency of new projects to allow for new ideas consistently. It’s a great relationship and I always look forward to trying out a new trend in a place where trendy is just what is needed. Here’s a few more samples of prior posters:

Walk the Line Poster for Christ's Church of Flagstaff
Walk the Line

Vintage Church Poster for Christ's Church of Flagstaff
Vintage Church

Shine Poster for Christ's Church of Flagstaff
Christmas 2012

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