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Lately I’ve been into the more flat, retro looking infographic thing. It’s not new and I didn’t revolutionize it, but it’s highly satisfying. This  year I put this look to work for the Komen Phoenix Race for the Cure®.

Every year we help them create race support materials for the Phoenix Affiliate, and the first piece is always a book that explains the nature and benefits of cause related marketing, as well as highlighting the various ways that companies can sponsor the race to their benefit. Typically this book is all screened photos of people running in the background with boring text over the top of it. They tell me that this was ok, and that last year’s book is in fact on the Komen national website as an example for affiliates of how to incorporate Komen branding into their sponsor materials. I just wasn’t happy with it and wanted to push into a new direction. Komen is very cool about this kind of thing and let me play with the concept for a while and we all ended up happy with the result. Luvigsibacknetp . Check it out:

Komen 2013 Sponsor Brochure Page 2Komen 2013 Sponsor Brochure Page 3

You can’t even read the small type, and I’ll bet you already want to be a sponsor.

There are a several more pages of tables and graphs describing the various offerings, but the only photos are on the cover, and those are sparse. This is a big departure from the typical collage look that is very common with non-profits, and should really help them stand out when competing for limited marketing dollars in corporate budgets.

Komen Sponsor Cover Komen 2013 Sponsor Brochure Page 4

As the year progresses, this look will find its way into more race related materials. It’s a nice refresh, very clean to look at, and was fun to create.

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