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Recently I was reminded of a project that we did earlier in the year for Northwest Christian School. Northwest has been rapidly growing for several years, and the growth had led to better facilities, more technologies, and a large campus that served preschoolers through high school. The trouble with this type of success was that over time we had developed several small pieces of collateral for various programs and departments, all of which got stuffed into a standard pocket folder that was designed at yet another time. The presentation was very shoddy compared to the actual institution.

Faced with several mismatched pieces that needed standardization, but still needing to be able to customize certain information for new families, NCS asked me for a solution that would help them tie all of this info together. The big challenge, however, was that there was going to be a large on-campus event for perspective families in less than a month; that’s when things got real.

Northwest Christian View Book
A better first impression than a stack of tri-folds.

Using a provided outline of content that needed to be included and a collection of photos taken over the last couple of years (there was not time or a budget to do a photo shoot for this project), we developed a custom sized view book that contained all of the information about the school that was likely to stay the same for a few years. The work included copyrighting, layout and design, and creation of some key branding elements that could be used in future pieces.

In order to deal with elements that were likely to change such as tuition plans, admissions/testing schedules, and special preschool programs, we made the book slightly oversized and integrated a custom pocket into the back cover, where we also allowed for the business card of a staff member.

NCS View Book Interior
Here’s where things like summer programs and tuition schedules go, but by the time you get to this page it’s clearly worth it.

Now instead of several brochures, flyers, and inserts that are difficult to keep track of, NCS has a unified and cohesive message that demonstrates how their philosophy of education permeates all of their impressive programs. What of the deadline of less than a month? After a few weeks of really hard work and some fantastic cooperation from NCS, we delivered the first run of books on the day of the event, just in time to help make a great impression on new families. It was a tough deadline to be sure, but we did what it took, and we’re ready to do it again.

NCS Inside Spread
It’s all here, from academics to sports and arts. If your kid can’t vote, they can learn here.

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