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Bill Mann had already written several books, but had an idea for something he’d never tried before: a children’s book. This was a different challenge, where the words are still important, but the visuals are the true appeal. With some positive feedback on the story content, he wanted to make a truly special book that was beautiful and durable (because kids). He partnered with Alexandra Colombo to put together some stellar illustrations and make a visually appealing book for parents and children alike; now he just needed it to become a reality.

Paula Goes to the Pound

Bill researched short-run self publishing options for full-color books. This was unlike his previous work, which was more text heavy, and he simply wasn’t happy with the quality of typical print-on-demand services, that were more likely to run his creation through an assembly-line process and produce a less than stellar result. . He found us through the web, came in to show us the prototype, and was pleased with the plan that we put together to make this book really shine.

Interior Spread

Paula Goes to the Pound was printed digitally, with an offset/laminated cover in a case-wrapped hardback cover. It’s gone to two short-run printings now as the first sold out quickly. Bill has expressed a great deal of happiness with the care and attention to detail that his work has received, and has even sent other authors our way. He’s told us that he feels the one-to-one relationship is simply invaluable compared to a mass-market print-on-demand service where you don’t get to interact with the people producing the actual product.

Dark Illustration

Paula has been well received in Arizona bookstores and library systems, and is getting positive reactions on Amazon. It’s been a great resource for veterinarians and trainers as well. Bill lives in a smaller town in northern Arizona, and Paula seems to have made him a local celebrity; everybody knows he wrote the delightful children’s book that they’ve all seen. The future looks good for Paula, and for Bill, and we’re glad to be a part of it.

Check out more of Bill’s books here, or head straight for Paula Goes to the Pound.

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