Kids love the bright pictures

Bill Mann had already written several books, but had an idea for something he’d never tried before: a children’s book. This was a different challenge, where the words are still important, but the visuals are the true appeal. With some … Read more



Quick doesn’t always mean dirty

Not every project needs to be a massive overhaul; sometimes there’s an idea that’s already working and it just needs to be made official. Lori at Stitch-a-book turned a hobby into a side business, and then into a full time … Read more



Who needs sleep? We’ve got a deadline!

Recently I was reminded of a project that we did earlier in the year for Northwest Christian School. Northwest has been rapidly growing for several years, and the growth had led to better facilities, more technologies, and a large campus … Read more



Say it with pictures, or at least with drawings

Lately I’ve been into the more flat, retro looking infographic thing. It’s not new and I didn’t revolutionize it, but it’s highly satisfying. This  year I put this look to work for the Komen Phoenix Race for the Cure®. Every … Read more



Fun with short-term thinking

When most of my ongoing work with clients involves brand preservation and visual consistency, it’s refreshing to have a relationship where I get to go a new direction nearly every time. I just finished a new poster project for Christ’s … Read more



Save a tree! Or did you?

Sustainability is a good thing. There’s no reason to be callously burning through resources just because we can. However, the push for something new can taint the idea and sometimes create the opposite result than was intended. So while I … Read more


Dropping of the Pocket Folders at Mosharrafe

Giving a facelift to the pros

As one might imagine, graphics work with plastic surgeons has the potential to be simultaneously hilarious and stressful, largely due to not knowing which subjects are hilarious. However, the team at Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery are serious and fun about all … Read more


ACU Viewbook

Making things better than ever for ACU

We’ve just finished up a new piece for Arizona Christian University that will help to complete their enrollment materials. ACU has been undergoing a transition from its former identity as Southwestern College, and has been working to showcase its growth … Read more



A visit from Pondering Pool and some good on-site proofing to boot

Today we had a visit from Bill and Susan from Susan is an artist based in Tucson who works in both painting and sculpting, and knows a whole lot more about color theory than I do. Susan’s work is … Read more

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